Advice on buying Ink or Toner Cartridges online

With the increase of home working and home schooling, the need for ink cartridges to be delivered secure and fast is ever so more important.  However buying ink cartridges on marketplaces is now proving more of a risk if the ink doesn’t arrive on time. Historically customers always choose the cheapest by using filters on eBay or buy choosing the seller who wins the “Buy Box” on Amazon which is based on factors such as price/delivery/feedback/historic data. The problem is with recent algorithms created by the marketplaces it doesn’t always work in the buyers favour.

We have seen out of stock items on Amazon at low prices pulling customers in but without the ability to deliver which is just an annoyance.  Any seller can advertise a low price if they have no stock. Unscrupulous sellers on eBay are selling unboxed or out of date stock and some are even advertising low “from” prices on their multi listings only to find they are advertising a non relevant item such as 5 or 10 sheets of photo paper instead of the ink cartridge.  We have also seen old returned stock from sellers classified as B or C grade stock. Plus most sellers on eBay and Amazon are fulfilling orders from the Channel Isles, UK  Switzerland or Gibraltar and with the recent issues with Customs, orders will not arrive on time if  at all.

Brexit will continue to be a hazard for offshore sellers.

Buying  ink cartridges  in shops or supermarkets such as Tescos can also deliver poor results.  High prices and scarce availability on top of risking personal health with the recent COVID outbreak is putting shoppers off.

You won’t get any of these issues with O Dwyer Office Supplies  We are  independent reseller of inkjet cartridges and as we are based in the Ireland sending all orders tracked with a fast delivery you can ensure your work or school work won’t have any downtime.  Plus  we always provide fresh ink cartridges which are boxed in pristine condition with long expiry dates. There is no risk to health and no need to spend time in the car or bad weather to shop for your HP, Canon, Kodak, Brother, Dell, Oki Lexmark or Epson  cartridges.

Published By Francis O Dwyer