How To Design The Perfect Business Card

As we make strides towards a paperless office, one paper products still remains valuable: the business card. In fact, thousands of business cards are produced on a daily basis. Business cards still hold a number of benefits including, showing your professional credibility and giving a snapshot of your position and contact information.

I will try to cover  cover the things you need to consider when creating your business cards.


The most prominent thing on your business card will likely be your name. Make sure it is easily eligible by selecting an appropriate font and colour that has contrast to the background. You may also want to include the title of your position for more context. Most of the time, your business card is distributed because you’ve met someone new. In this case, your name is your identifier.


Remain consistent with your brand when developing your business cards. If you give someone your business card, and they happen to navigate back to your website for more information, you want to create that seamless connection. Do this by using your brand colours and including your logo on your business card. This connection will also help them to  remember who you are and what company you work for whether it be an office supplies company or whatever.

Contact Information

Make sure your contact information is easy to read on your business card. To prevent crowding your business card, you may want to select one or two methods of contact to showcase. This can include a phone number or email address. Remember to include a personal email, and phone number with your extension, if applicable. This boosts your credibility further, and show that you’re available for future discussion. If you prefer to be contacted over social media, indicate this on your business card as well.

White Space

Once you’ve added all the above mentioned elements in your business card, make sure there is still sufficient white space. This is important to allow readers to easily skim the card. Your card will also look more professional if it isn’t cluttered with too much information. If you find that there isn’t enough white space, you might consider decreasing your font or logo size, or completely removing some information. If appropriate, you can also think about using both side of your business card.

Business cards are a must have no matter what business you are in and always have them on your person whatever function you are attending. You can leave a business card in the drawer or book of a hotel you stayed in, on billboards in shopping centers etc.