Home Office Stress Awareness Tips

Learn some tips on how to turn your working from home setup into a calm office space during stress awareness month in our latest article.

Whether you’ve been working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic or always relied on a home office setup for your job, having an effective home office space is paramount in order to maintain productivity when working remotely.

Whilst Professionals  recently delivered a few  working From  home truths in regards to how working from home can take a toll on your physical health, taking care of your mental health is just as important.

What Are the Benefits of a Calm Office Space?

We’ve already mentioned that creating a calm office environment and a relaxing home office space helps with productivity and concentration, but what are some of the other benefits of making your office calming with relaxing home office ideas?

The Daily Positive share several positive benefits of creating a tranquil environment, which include:

• Better peace of mind
• Stress relief
• Enhanced focus
• Positive energy
• Greater motivation
• Relaxed body posture
• Improved sleep

Of course, to begin experiencing these advantages and benefits whilst using a working from home setup, you’ll need to understand how to best create a calm office space, free from excessive noise and distractions.

Here are some tips on how to create a calm office space.

How to Create a Calm Office Space

Pick a Soothing Colour Scheme

Whilst it might seem convenient to keep the walls around you the same colour as they’ve always been, a soothing colour scheme can significantly create a calmer office space to work in.

You could opt to paint your office with some your favourite colours to provide familiarity or you could adopt colour schemes that are known to promote positivity and happier moods, such as green, blue or even yellow.

Decorate the Walls with Calm Office Decor

While it’s never a good idea to clutter up your home office with dozens upon hundreds of items and display pieces, narrowing it down to a few cherished photos or pieces of art that make you smile can be another great way to create a calm an office space.

During stressful parts of the day or during a particularly tough week, having something to look at such as a relaxing painting or the happy faces of friends and family within a photo frame or two can help keep morale high and help you to stay composed.

Introduce Some Plants and Fragrances

If you’ve yet to place a small plant or several indoor plants within your home office, you might be missing out on not only hidden health benefits, but an effective means of improving your overall mood and productivity too.

Likewise, creating some aromas and fragrances such as from joss sticks or candles with a not too overpowering smell can create a greater sense of tranquility during times of great stress or anxiety.

Separate Home Life from Work Life

As a final tip for creating a calm office space, always make sure to effectively separate your home life from work life.

One simple way to create an effective balance between the two is to make sure you fully switch off after each workday – meaning where possible, avoiding work emails or phone calls unless they are urgent outside of your working hours.

If you need to create a physical divide between work and outside of work, you could consider creating a separate area of the house to take regular breaks in, such as a sitting  room that takes you away from your desk and gives you enough breathing room to return to your home office with a fresh mindset.