Laser Printer Fuser Temperature Settings

Below is a common problem with laser toner printers, but the problem most of the time can be solved quiet easily.

Laser Printer FuserThere are many small parts that make up a printer.  The fuser is one of the most important parts of the process, however, as it applies the heat needed to transfer toner to the paper when printing. The toner is put on the paper with laser through electrical charges, but it is the fuser that heats the toner particles and fuses them to the fibers that are in each blank piece of paper.

Sometimes, though, the fuser malfunctions or the temperature needs to be changed for different types of media.  If the fuser temperature is too low, you may start to notice loose toner on the finish product.  The toner may brush right off the paper or potentially even smudge when you grab the paper off the output tray.  If the printer fuser temperature is too high, you may start to notice some burning or browned areas on the paper. This doesn’t always indicate a malfunction, however, as certain types of paper often require different temperatures for proper adherence of the toner.

TemperatureThe steps for altering the temperature are generally simple, though they may vary slightly from model to model. Consult your manual for specific steps, but here are some general guidelines for common models such as the HP Laser-Jet 4200.

  1. Navigate to the main menu on the printer control panel.
  2. Select the ‘print quality’ option.  It should then give a list of items.
  3. Sort through until you find the ‘fuser mode’.  Typically, the options will be low, normal and high.
  4. Set it to ‘High’ if the toner is loose on the paper or ‘Low’ if the paper is coming out singed or discolored.

Whichever you select, be sure to run at least one test page.  Make sure the coloration is correct and rub your finger over the print.  No toner should come off on your finger if the fuser is set to the correct temperature.  If you set the temperature only for a specific type of paper, make sure to set it back before switching back to standard paper. If the problem you are having continues after you have tried adjusting the temperature in both directions, it may be that your fuser is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.



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