Organize your Office

Organizing an office can be as hard or as easy as the person makes it. There are several complicated organizing systems that the person can use, yet there are those that are rather straightforward and simple. With this being said, there are several office supplies that are going to be helpful with making an office organized. The simple way of doing this is going to utilize supplies such as:

A filing cabinet can be as big or as small as the person needs. A vertical two drawer filing cabinet is going to be perfect for a smaller office, while those with larger offices may be able to utilize a four or five drawer filing cabinet. The file folders used in these cabinets can be the simple manila folders or the person can spend more money with customized colors and plastic folders. The choice is really up to the person and their budget.

It is best to use labels on these folders when filing them. This is going to allow you to always replace the label if the folder is used for another purpose later down the line. Erasable labels are great and these will work with pens or pencil. This is something that may cost more, yet they are going to allow a longer life.

Once you have the supplies listed and are ready to start organizing your office, keep in mind a few tips:

  1. You cannot go wrong with alphabetizing your file system, as this is one file system that everyone can utilize.
  2. Separate different types of work you may do in order to access this quickly. It is a great idea to have one drawer dedicated to a specific work task for easier access.
  3. Always write in print and in capital letters, as this will allow anyone to see what is in the folder and there will be no mistakes as to what the folder contains.
  4. Everyday, at the end of the work day, be sure to put papers where they need to be. Adopting this type of lifestyle can take time, yet it is going to keep the organization at the best it can be.
  5. Be sure to buy a filing cabinet that is fire proof and can lock, as this adds extra protection to files that you may need later down the line.

For those who find their office organization is lacking, finding your way back to organization is simple. With the right supplies, you can get your office looking better, and with adopting a better filing system is one of the first steps a person can take that will render results.



Francis O Dwyer