Things to Consider When Choosing a Pen

Choosing an Ink Pen: Consider the Point

There are several office supplies which are considered a staple for any office to have, whether this is an office within a home or a corporate office. One of these staples is the pens in which the person will be using. Many people think that a pen is just a pen. However, there are a number of people who have a favorite. This favorite is usually dictated by the way in which the pen writes. A huge reason for some pens writing much better than others for people is the point on the pen.

There are three types of pen points that most people consider:

1. Fine
2. Medium
3. Bold

However, for those who are looking for specialty pens, there are other types to consider:

– Extra Fine
– Arrow
– Needle

The fine pen is going to provide a very precise way to write documents or the like. The point on the end of such a pen is very small. There are several benefits to the fine point, including:

– Less likely to bleed on paper
– Able to write smaller

However, keep in mind that several people believe the point is so fine that it does not allow for easy writing. Many people feel as though they have to go back over the written words because the print is so fine.

The medium point pen is the best of both worlds. It provides a smooth consistency for writing, while also enabling a person to write as small or as large as they would like. The only drawback is that depending on the type of ink in which the pen utilizes, a person could find the ink bleeds onto the paper easier.

The bold point pen is one in which several people love, while other people dread using. It is a very solid line of ink that is dispensed from the pen, allowing for dark and large writing to take place. These pens have been known for bleeding through paper due to the large amounts of ink that are coming from the point.

So which point should you choose? The choice is up to the person and their personal preferences. For those who are unsure of what they would like, purchase a few different types of points and find out which one fits your writing style the best.

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